Foundry Quick Reference Guide

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Foundry Quick Reference Guide:

For more information on the Foundry, check out the basic guide here

Foundry Components

Foundry components can be found in their respective tiers of the FM. Here is a list of required components per hull.

Fragment targets:

This list will be updated as more hulls & tiers enter the Foundry.

Fragment drops are increased at higher levels of Sector Threat.


Gantry fragments can be found on level 91 Megaships. These Megaships only spawn in Sector Threat: Orange and only on the closest 30 minute mark on the hour from when the Sector Threat reaches Orange. (Ergo, if you unlocked Sector Threat: Orange at 1:50pm, level 91 Megaships will appear at 2:00pm and again at 2:30pm, provided Sector Threat remains in Orange.

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