Satellite Recon Building Idea.

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Why not scrap the Radio Tower idea, or keep it whatever. 

Heres an idea.... Create a new Building(Yes a new building) with the same idea as Mine factorys. 

-Have placements of something similar to satellites or devices that can detect cloaked air or units and have to be repaired each time they detect a unit.

-Each Level reveals a new range of Detection, as Mines have a new level of damage. 

This way you arent having to use old units in a broken way to detect something with an erm, lets get real here, you dont detect stealth bombers in real life with a rifleman. And base defenders actually have a decent way of defending themself outside of using outdated units, or sf with long repair that wont come out of base until they are repaired fully.

This way introduces strategy to the owl and cyclone function as they will have to determine where these are layed out.

=Just an Idea from a fellow commander=
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