How do I gain experience in Vega Conflict?

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Greetings Rebels,

It has come to my attention that the way in which you gain experience in VEGA Conflict has been confusing many of you. I'd like to take a moment to go over how experience is gained in VEGA Conflict.

In short, experience works as an indication of your peak performance. You're rewarded in VEGA Conflict when you increase your offensive or defensive ability.

So let's break it down a little further, the following actions will reward you with experience:
  • Building a new Module / Ship
  • Upgrading a Module to a new rank
  • Fitting your ship with a new weapon / shield / cargo / armor
  • Attaching a weapon / shield / armor to your Modules
The following will not result in an experience gain:
  • Banking resources
  • Destroying VEGA / Enemy Fleets
  • Destroying a player's base
  • Researching
So for example, researching a new weapon will not increase your experience, as you have not increased your offensive ability. Once you begin re-fitting your ships with this new, more powerful weapon, you will receive an increase in experience. Likewise, if you build a new ship with the researched, more powerful weapon, you will receive an increase. Expanding your fleet will also give you experience.

To prevent exploitation, if you scrap a Ship or recycle a Module and then later building something of equal value, you will not receive any new experience as your performance has not increased any further. If you build something of a greater experience amount, you will gain the positive difference between the two.

You will not lose experience once it is gained.

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