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2.1.0 Patch Notes

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A new version of War Commander: Rogue Assault is live in South Africa, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

What’s New
  • Transformers - Increases the rate of fire of turrets placed within its power field
  • Minefields - Catch your enemy off guard with intelligent munition systems and decimate their forces
  • Barriers - Protect your base while allowing turrets to fire over
  • Defensive Waves - Assign infantry and vehicles to actively defend your base from your Barracks, War Factory, and Helipad
  • Improved Unit Management - Build and manage your forces all from the same menu
  • Multiple Platoons - Make sure you always have the right tool for the job. If your first platoon doesn’t get the job done, send in your second… or third
  • Alliances - Running into a war zone alone is a sure way to die. Team up with your comrades to conquer war zones on the World Map

New World Map
  • Massive Real-Time Action - Destroy hundreds of enemies in your path but if your HQ is destroyed you’ll be removed from the map
  • Forward Operating Bases - Deploy FOBs on the map to help conquer your enemy and defend your territory
  • Resource Mines - Place Mining FOBs on these valuable locations to gain additional resources
  • Contestable Bases - Defeat and protect these hardened bases to temporarily gain resources over time

Combat Balance
  • Turrets - All turrets have had their damage and rate of fire rebalanced with the introduction of Transformers
  • Buildings - All buildings have had their health rebalanced.  Overall base health is higher, but non-defensive buildings have had their health reduced
  • Units - All units have been significantly rebalanced
  • Splash Damage and Splash Radius values have been reduced on all units that have splash damage
  • Damage has been rebalanced at each level for all units
  • Unit Health has been rebalanced at each level for all units
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