Compressed Magazine or Bandolier ?

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    MX36 said:
    Damage Per Second [DPS] an average rate of damage inflicted over time.
    it's a more accurate and practical measure of damage output than plain damage numbers as it takes into consideration all the relevant factors 
    Here i am focusing only on this number (or the change in this number) when equipping different Tech Components. especially the ones affecting Reload Time & Rate of Fire trying to find which unit benefits the most & by how much from each component or a mix of them.

    Using the info "Wrong Thinker" added in his thread about hidden stats. i put it all together in one table & added some of the missing data
    like the Time of each shot for Marksmen, Sarkis and Warhorses. and clip cycles.


    Using the DPS formula: 

    Activation time here is the time each shot takes:

    The Damage Per Round [DPR] must be multiplied by the number of shots in each clip. and 
    the time each shot takes must be multiplied by the number of shots in the clip.

    And finally we add the change ( increase\decrease) from each tech component:

    Started with [Compressed Magazine] & [Bandolier]  components which affect different parts of the equation.  
    While the majority of you have a thorough understanding of these two, we see some players confused by their function & effect on the build.

    A very good component with a drawback we can tolerate. heavily shortening the reload time to a 65% of its original value.
    at the first glance on the chart below, you'll see it's positively affecting all the special units but the 3 most affected units are the Marksmen - Sarkis - Warwhorse. with a DPS increment over a 30% 

    Compressed Magazine

    Also don't forget about Kara! this component coupled with her's "Bloodlust" special ability makes her a real huntress & one of the most dangerous threats on the battlefield! 

    Grants an increase in Fire Rate on account of extra weight slowing the carrier down by a 15% but since most of the Special Units has a high ROF it seems unnecessary to equip it to them. but lets look at the chart below: 

    it's more than obvious that the most affected units by this component are the Nightmares and Infiltrators.
    Note that this component adds absolutely NOTHING to the DPS of both Warhorses, Marksmen and Sarkis! 

    Infiltrators with low level Charged Ordnance sometimes get shot by their targets e.g. Napalm during the shock process and this happens for 2 reasons: 
    ♦ Low level Charged Ordnance keeps the target shocked for shorter amount of time.
    ♦ Infiltrators ROF is low compared to their Reload Speed. their targets might recover for a fraction of a second between shocks.
    Using Bandolier with Infiltrators can solve this by making the entire firing cycle take 1.83 instead of 2.35 seconds.

    Increases damage output by 24%  but makes the carrier take an extra 20% time reloading between clips. 
    The effect on Special Units is shown below: 

     Take Aim  Bandolier

    And since [Compressed Mag] & [Bandolier] are both in the same slot, while [Take Aim] in another. What about mixing the two together? 

    Lets see how this combination affect the DPS : 

    Take Aim  Bandolier

    How would this combo benefit the DPS : 

    Take Aim  Compressed Mag

    Credit to Krash-tyme for pointing out the RS stacking.

    You certainly must have noticed that Bro J's rates are not included in any of these charts! First we need a confirmation about his DPR & DPS
    i think the DPR added in that thread is for a level 1 Bro J. with a DPS of a level 20. ( DPR might be a round 4705)

    Also big thanks to Wrong Thinker on that thread of hidden stats! 

    Edit: Bro J. DPS increase with each component : 

    all this is great to know, but until kixeye begin putting all the tech in gear store for a resonable price its pretty much useless, we have said many times put more in gear store that we can use and get easily at a reasonable price, otherwise we wont need any of this as the units will be obsolete!!!
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    i know this is an old thread but before kix broke all the techs im pretty sure my m4gx's were only firing every 3 seconds,meaning no boost from comp mag any more
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    thanks for it good job
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    Still one of the best posts EVER on these boards but it's getting a little long in the tooth with all the new tech that has better stats and NO drawbacks.  The same rules still apply though for which units respond most effectively to either reload or rate of fire increases.
    Daisy's!  I'm pushing up Daisy's!  Cause everyone loves Daisy's!  Everything is perfect in this game and I love Daisy's
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