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Adamantine Zoroark
Adamantine Zoroark
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i went to change my sig when i noticed that my email was outdated so i tried to change it but it said that my email was already in use

so i logged out and tried a password reset on the account that stole my email but it hadent finished registration and i tried to finish so i could change the email on that to free up my email to use on my own account but it said that the email was already in use so i have no idea how to fix this

i recall a while back that i wasnt receving emails from you guys and a R.U.B.I. said she would change my email manually, this was about 4 months ago, which is when it says the weird account was made, wondering if there could have been something that went horribly wrong
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    Could you raise a ticket for this issue please. Please include the email addresses you have used. I can see what we did last time for you, back in January. That was a long shot, though I had hoped it would have worked for you.
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    I get the same issue when trying to raise a ticket. Hit 2 113's and got no points for either. Cant raise a ticket because it says my e-mail is already in use
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