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Deposits locked until CC lvl 6

Cyanide Sandwich
Cyanide Sandwich
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Ok, so i've had metal and thor deposits open for me to attack since CC lvl 4. It was great, i could get the metal i needed to do my upgrades and what not. Now, i log in and i'm told that it's locked until i upgrade my CC to level 6. Kixeye, What the hell. I need 650 k metal to upgrade my CC to level 6. How am i supposed to do that with only 105 k metal each time i empty my metal forges. it should not take me a week of not playing besides tapping my metal forges to get CC lvl 6. And attacking people isn't a good option because most people don't have more than 20 k metal, tops. So is this intended or is it a bug?
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