forums chat messed up ?

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I cannot seem to get the side window chat to work .. I had to create this account just to post here even ..

SO ..

is something messed up with the chat window to the side of the forums screen ?

I have emails saying I got messages (on my main account) from forum mod(s) .. and have no idea what they are for or say since the forums seems to be screwed all up !

Look into it pls,


  • P.I.E.001
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    dang Trogar , lol .. moved it where nobody will see it and it was you who sent me messages last night I am trying to get to read

    noobs ... geez

  • Q Rich
    Q Rich
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    this is the correct place for the site chat.

    There are a few issues again at the moment and it should be resolved soon.
    Please do not contact me directly by Chat or via posts on my profile page. If I cannot deal with it on the forums, it should be taken straight to Support.
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