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How to Optimize Game Performance

Cyanide Sandwich
Cyanide Sandwich
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After downloading this game and playing it for a few days, i noticed it began to crash more and more frequently and became more and more laggy, the more i played it. So i've spent the last day or so trouble shooting on how to make it more playable in these conditions. First off, I'd like to say that I am using an iPhone 4S to play, and I know that it has been said that the game is built to run on at the minimum iPhone 5, but i thought i'd just point out that it is still playable on the 4S regardless, as long as iOS 7 is installed.

Things to do if game starts to lag and crash frequently, especially when trying to engage in battle.

1) Turn OFF your device. Turning it on and off will do wonders to the game and help speed up performance tremendously. I was crashing within a min of playing and it was super laggy, but it all corrected itself and ran smoothly after i restarted the phone.

2) In addition to this game, I would also advise downloading Battery Doctor (free). Despite being able to help your battery's charge, it also has two features on it that boost your memory (RAM) which helps with the lag in the game, and a feature that clears any junk files out of your device's registry which may also be causing your phone to slow down.

3) Double tap the home button and close all apps running in the background. These apps take up memory, which could also be causing your phone to slow down.

Side note to KIxeye: I've noticed that when the game suddenly crashes while attacking a rogue, when you reopen the game, the platoon you were using keeps the damage you had from the battle you were interrupted from, but the actual rogue lost any progress you made while attacking it before the crash. Perhaps something to look into.
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