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WC re-launch

Roger Woolford
Roger Woolford
Joined Oct 2012 Posts: 9
Have you ever thought about a WC reboot, WCII. Everyone starts over with the same basic units. Events will be run like they are now, from the beginning. For those of you who have been playing a long time, can remember when events were either attack or defend  (not both)  On attack upper levels in your clan could take out all the large bases for low levels, and low levels would get the credit. The new way is much more fair, earn your xp on your own skills, however SOME of the top level players got their advantage by getting help from higher levels in the beginning, doing events. I would be all on board for this, a complete redesign of the game. I am a level 36 I have not been able to get many special units for a long time now, because if you don't have special units you cant go very far in the events. It has become like a (catch 22). I don't have titan, banshee, condor, bfg, e hovers, and several other units. I have seen my base attacked with units that I am not even sure what they were.
Just a thought, would like to know if anyone else would support this.

  • bo_rg
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    well this is pretty close to a WC2 dont you think ;)
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