BKL looking for Active members

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Bulldogs Kennel (BKL) is currently looking for lvl 50+ active players. If interested you can contact Bulldog with your questions. Thanks for the inquiry and enjoy playing.

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    wow , Nice post :O)

    Level 108 , Now With added Hellstar Power
    A member of the Bulldogs Kennel Alliance, BKL. Press repair and move on biatches. No Drama, no Bullshit.
    Press The X, Comms goes **** free :O)
    WC:RA : Worth playing, you **** right :O)
    Money Dont Buy Skill, It Breeds Retards with Good Hulls Only
    likes to Chat to Will Harbin  on Twitter #UnicornNeedsLoveToo
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    ? ? ? ?

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