Why VEGA could be Dying

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It is my opinion that Vega is dying, why would I think this? In my planet there are more died outposts than one's that have players still actively playing the game. I'm not talking about low level outposts but outposts with levels into the high 20's and low 30's. 6 months ago I saw a active and robust planet, where there was lines of players waiting to attack cargo ships. Today there are no fleets flying around and very little sign of life.

Has the "new car smell" worn off Vega? Have people just got bored of the game after playing for 6-8 months? If we were to look at the other Kixeye games (BYM, BP and WC ) you will see about the 6-8 month time after their start all the games were increasing in player numbers not decreasing like Vega. So what makes Vega so different? Where has it failed and why has the other taken off?

I can only tell you from my point of view, be it right or wrong. I started losing interest when I had trouble controlling my fleet, a skill I have yet to master. It became difficult to gather resources and to grow with the game. Those of you that have mastered this my hat is off to you, while you may think this is nothing to do with nothing I believe it is the main cause why so many players have quit the game altogether. For my self I found a new interest in Vega when I found fleet builds to auto- salvage fleets. When the update to increase the difficulty of the salvage took place I found my interest decreasing again. It was about this time I noticed more and more dead outposts in my planet. Was this the cause of other players losing interest in the game? Their inability to gather resources and do FvF combat?

So what needs to be done to solve this problem? Is there a problem? Does it need solved?  Can it be solved? Or is Vega for the chosen few that have mastered how to control their fleets?

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