lvl 50s

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the only way you can take a lvl 50 is if you coin it I lost 8 fleets trying to hit a lvl 50 kixeye are taking the piss
  • Soaknfused
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    Not true, I've been watching others and have seen a few take them with one fleet of Revs and many take them using 2 different fleets and not totally losing either.

  • Frank Willis
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    im taking them down with my md hawks take 2-3 goes and 1-2 hawks lost but its doable

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    Saw a guy do it for the first time and lose five NHs (in about 4 battles), 4 MD and 1 Beam - I personally lost five lmao - I'm a **** pilot. I did kinda take them all at once head on.

  • B0SS
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    For my first time I lost 3 Hawks then 2 Revs, wasn't so bad but I got it, gotta use different fleets for minimal damage.

  • DoomsdayRebel_X
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    First one I hit I came out with 6 hours repairs on my Revs, really not to bad, since its a 13+ hour fleet if killed off.  It will be fixed by the time I get off work so its all good.

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    These fleets are meant to be a challenge, there and will test your piloting skills and build configurations. Start hunting some blueprints to give yourself and edge up on those Elite Fleets.

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    After killing my first 50, Ive been killing the rest of the 50's with just a fleet full of revs that had beams on them in 1 hit...the results have varied with me losing 2,1, or no revs at all. It just depends how you drive and manage the ships throughout the battle. If you just charge straight at the 50's...then yes your fleet will get killed if not flown smartly.


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