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Recently I came off a Chat ban (TYVM Kixeye I learned my lesson) here today relocated to a new sector and was promptly reduced to a pile of rubble, seem i jumped to a sector war. So when hit I asked a simple why and was met with some of the worst name calling, foul language, insults and bullying I have ever seen in VC. Caught off guard, I didn't take any screen shots but did fire back some Intelligent slurs (which went over their heads) and then was hit with more sexual slurs, rape slurs, and death comments. Stuff grown up's would be appalled to hear. The little group of Comms warriors were DFA in Sector 1200, some Snake Doc dude and a TWEAKER-something-or-another, half a dozen rotten brats..

So I have to ask, WHY? Is there just no way at all to keep the rudeness and profanity out of comms? PG-13 game, ok but Rape and Rape your mom comments? C'mon, we don't need this stuff in the game. I wanted to just go off on these "Kid's" but I bit my tongue and logged out.

Now I know some of you are going to reply with your normal "Hate" comments, but what I'd like to see are some comments from Our fearless moderators and Admin's. Your advice, suggestions and a "We'll look into it" and then really do it and look into it. Whether that is php or java chat you have chat logs. But what would be ideal is filtering that removes excessive profanity, threats, and comments of physical abuse entirely. 

I am horrible about using BDSM comments, if your not sure what BDSM is Google it. But for those who do know it, I keep it short and sweet and use it as sarcasm mostly. And even used innocently I agree it don't need to be here.

Kixeye if you back foul mouthed kids who talk about doing dope and raping fine. But if you don't endorse it, lets try and clean it up and get it out of the games. 


You have just been reported!
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    They have tried this and it does cause a  problems with basic chat for instance prior someone would say about abo was censored and a bunch of what others were saying was clouded with ********** and guessing what people say.... but I agree language is a problem and their will always be ways around the profanity filters if it's them editing the word themself or just during a different word in general however their is an ignore feature in game that allows you to talk with people with out the childish language I in fact have used it quite often when I find someone of particular language I dislike or offends me and once they are ignored comma does become quite peaceful 

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    deer grammer nazis. Im Playcing this hear to specifikally distroy you're intire day. May korecting this be the 
    onely thing you thinc abowt all fookin weak.?

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    You sure they were DFA?  I know snake Doc isnt and do not know of a Tweaker that is on the roster.  Just saying you may want to make sure what alliance they are in before making this statement.  If I am wrong and they are in DFA I appologise.

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    **** will keep being ****.  Tip - catch them next time take a pic and send it in if it bothers you that much.  Kixeye will ban for offensive language, specially racism, feminism or obscenities, like comments around rape, death threats or children related crap.  Easy to shut them up.

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    Put them on ignore and send in a ticket to Kixeye Support, even without a screenshot.

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    the ignore button really helps the language i get it alot to but its always going to be around but i agree they should atleast try something it would ease som tention on the game

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    they don't really cuss at you when you don't respond just pull a bit of ghandi on em

    he was legit pvper

    Also I find this more than a tad bit ironic from someone who has been chat banned for such behavior and forum name is oh baby uh uh uh

    Your literally oozing immaturity!

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    Welcome to the internet.

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    Don't ask questions like that in a war game. You obviously aren't going to get a valid response. I am pretty sure VEGA is 18+.

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    Why, complain. VEGA should have a filter option to turn it on or off, like most other online games. People express themselves in different ways, for example: A friend of mine is a strict Christian, he doesn't swear and doesn't allow his children to swear (this is fine) - He doesn't frown upon people who do swear. I on the other hand find that I can best express my mood by using what ever language I see fit, within certain boundaries of cause.

    I would like to think people can respect that at the same time as I respect their right to not swear or be offensive. I mean, for **** sake... it is as cyberjoel said, the internet. The most offensive thing of the 20th century.

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