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anyone know when new event is coming? its been month. 
  • ErVxX_tHe_JoKeR
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    here ya go
  • Gareth Aspin
    Gareth Aspin
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    Thursday 29th August.
    Event  Units:- Elite Valkyrie, Attack Dog, Elite Rifleman, Honey Badger, Elite Heavy Gunner, Elite Gatling Truck + Schematic, Elite Laser Tank + Schematic, Shock Trooper, Stinger, Flak Tank, Drone Silo, Elite Warhawk, Hellstorm, Plasma Turret, Elite Hellfire,  + Schematic, Reaper Drone,  Elite Shock Tank,  Elite Gladiator, Elite Mega Tank, Crusader, FAV, Viper, Widowmaker, Spectre, Titan

    Sickles:- Collossus, Havoc, Behemoth, Vanguard

    Wishlist:- Valk Schematic, FAV Schematic, Enforcers,  Hover Tank

  • i washereonce
    i washereonce
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    lets see

  • Danger-DD
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    snizzy said:

    lets see

    This thread is from a year ago....

    "War is the province of Danger." - Carl von Clausewitz
  • mhmdkhamis
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    cm said will be in 24 this month

  • Maximus_Destructicus
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    i think we've been through 3 or 4 CM's in that 24 months, you can't hold them to it anymore….

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