Possible mauler build

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I got the mauler hull as a prize in the latest battle pirates raid, 'Dragon's nest'. This is a possible build that I thought of.
Weapons - 6 shockwave N mortars
Armour - 4 DU4
Specials - eng 2, explosive shell 2, alloy armour (45% ballistic and explosive)

1 sea scorpion
Weapons - 6 hailstorm B, 1 shockwave B
Armour - 1 DU4
Specials - eng 1(same speed as mauler with eng 2), countermeasure 2( only 1 I got), abalative armour 3

This fleet could be good as the shockwaves are the best for damage and accuracy but normally get hit by howies, with the high ballistic defence you do not need to worry about getting hit by them.

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Good fleet
Good fleet
Good fleet
  • LynyrdSkynyrd
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    Sucks as a fleet 
  • Trogar
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  • UncleB
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    If thats all the blueprints you've found or won it's a good build you'll enjoy it, most of the others that have 
    commented or will comment have almost or all of the blueprints found already so they would use something
    else but you'll enjoy the build in 35-45 lvl bases. Not everybody builds the same base gun layout so you'll win
    some and lose some as everybody else does don't let them **** you, have fun with your new toy, if it's weak
    in some area's refit till your satisfied with it, it looks like a good hull for the middle of the road 38-48 players
  • Shockwave_63
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    Yup bad build, My thoughts.  Run atleast 1 anti missile and anti mort. Run 1 Siege Mort, and 3 Shock L's.  Then whatver add ons you want.  Only build 4 ships, Max em out.
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