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Hi, I got my first top tier hull and was wondering which setup I should use?
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    I suggest a cannon set-up with the new Assault Cannons, but that's just me.
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    Im not going to give out my build but ill give some suggestions. Use GS3 for high evade and use systems so you can have more specials. I would use the new cannon if you choose it if not then normal assault cannons should work and have 1 or 2 siege cannon S (S for the splash other siege cannons wont be as effective)
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    Slap some Thud 4s on it, and save yourself 2.5 days(Blueprint Assault Cannons).  Get'em on the water and start ranking them.
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    Use the new cannons. Thud 4's is for a quick build. If you didn't choose the new cannons then I would suggest rippers, and siege cannons. I certainly hope you picked the new cannons, because they are perfect for this hull. If you picked the hurricane I hope it is useful to you at some point.
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