We are still investigating Special Forces that went missing after the 3/26 release. See https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/536353 for updates.

Field medics and machanics

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Give us these so while in battle we can heal ourselves
  • Shane McKenna
    Shane McKenna
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    They used to be part of the game and were removed

  • Jaime_F79
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    i remember the medics loved em too bad they aint in the game any more

  • SomethingGuy2
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    Give us these so while in battle we can heal ourselves
    They were removed because KIXEYE didn't want people to retreat their platoons and let techs and medics heal units during battles.
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    god i miss my medical units :-)

    the good old days

    Base name: NEMESIS-M


    HOME SECTOR: 117

    LEVEL 40 BASES PRIZES: Colossus 

    Drone Silo, Reaper Drone, Stinger, Shock Trooper, Attack Dog, Gatling
    Truck, Elite Gatling Truck, Laser Tank, Elite Laser Tank, War hawk, Elite War Hawks, Flank Tank,
    Hellfire, Elite Hellfire, Honey Badger, Elite Riflemen, Elite Humvee, Hellstorm,
    Elite heavy gunner, Valkyrie, Elite Valkyrie

    Toys at Level 9: All BUT Stingers - lvl 6, Hellstorms - lvl 1, Reaper Drones - lvl 3, Shock Troopers - lvl 4, Elite Valkyrie -lvl 2

    10 TOYS: elite laser tanks, mega tanks, wing drones, Elite war hawks, Elite riflemen, Elite heavy gunner, flamethrower, dog, sniper, Elite Hellfire

    LEVEL 11 TOYS: nothing yet

    Coined upgrades: Compression for Oil and Metal * 3, base size increase * 2

    Biggest complaint: left over Event XP please find a use for them soon :-)

    Best Thing about game: meeting new friends -- the one reason i have not quit the game is because of the people in the team I'm with 

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