For reducing lag and increase game performance

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to increase game preformance and decrease lag please give an option to shutdown the oil and metal factorys actions of pumping it increase a lot of game performance
  • JusticeDog
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    I agree.  I do not need to see the drones movement and various other "extras" that do nothing but slow the game down.  Quite frankly, even some of the unit movements should be able to be turned off (cobras rotors, shell casings, etc.) to reduce the amount of lag.  Ever since the last event, hellstorm/fire missles and the gunners bullets seem to overly affect game performance.  Before the last event, I had no issues with this, ever since the last event started it has been problematic.  Kix stated it was my computer that is the issue, then why did it work fine BEFORE the last event and AFTER the event was loaded the issue started/continues.

  • Youssif_I3
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    i lately have problem with numbers i want to produce alot of units it shows 0/0 i can do nothing except refreshing the page and the issue appears again i need a solution for this .
  • jvjm6675
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    i want to know why kixeye is always reconnect and its to slow of loading? did this problem happen to all of you guys whos using kixeye log in?

  • fox2018
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    my attack log no work
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