-FORMAT- For unit ideas V2

  • shaista.naaz.5496
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     make some spider unit can kill light & heavy vehicles
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    The game is too slow !!!!!! You need a better server !!! SLOW SLOW SLOW !!!
  • chouchoute
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    It would be nice if the big players could give us their units that they had too much. To be able to swap the units would be top and give a chance to the small levels
  • Charlie Russell
    Charlie Russell
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    i would like to put something forwad why dont you guys place the dozer in gear or give players the chance to buy another one that would help all out even the lowl lvls trying to get up to were they want abit quicker please take this into consideration many thanks Death 

  • Kyle Savia
    Kyle Savia
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    would be nice if the sandstrom repair time was cut in half or something 16 hours repair for something that dies in 6 hits form hunter missle

    you can keep asking why and complain or u can team up with others and complain till u get things done
  • G.I.Josey
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    I have a idea of a new Trooper know as Freeze soldier, He is the opposite of a Chaplain.
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