Time to fix the aircraft!

Potential Threat
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Hi Kixeye,

1. those thunders are STILL scattering every time they do their bombing run on those turrets even though I BUNCH THEM UP. < this part ticks me off. It WASN'T like that before the live battles.

2. thunders seem to be "less effective" on those newly upgraded turrets. OLD MAXED turrets seem to be weaker than the UPGRADED MAXED turrets.

> If the thunders aren't fixed

1. How am I going to retaliate against a large alliance of many members?

2. I'm currently waging a low tech guerilla warfare against this alliance. Thunders are a cheap way to beat them.

3. I don't like resorting to ground battles. Want to know why?

- My military capability CANNOT match the alliance. They are ALWAYS online.

- If I send in megas, they will easily see them and kill them. ALWAYS.

- Megas and other units are expensive. How can I repair them if I keep getting DP? Want me to farm rogues?...my ground units get destroyed also. This alliance has hundreds of members.

- I want to win against this alliance. If kixeye doesn't fix this thunderbolt, then I have to play by this alliance's rules and lose.

My User ID is: 724576

Coords: 209,476

Sector 39

> TO SCOTT: U said that first, but on the second pic, even CM Chris knows about the thunders being glitchy and having a targeting and controlling problem.

If you want a RECORDING to go with it, I'll provide it too.
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