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all my dogs are going
and now my elite gatling trucks are going from base deffence
what the hell is wrong ?
dogs in depos are death, dogs in map ... death, dogs in base ... death, create new dogs ... not enought room :crying:
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    I know.... i ve been losing many times all my gats/dogs and unfortunally kixeye putted me always over cap.. and hell didn't knew what was putting me over cap check all units and i had to scrap megas to make some free space :(
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    they replace them by other units, not always the same, last night I got 24 challies and 4 hercs to replace about 30 gats.
    I use the challies to do some farming, once they die I scrap them to reballance my army.
    From time to time I get crappy units then I just have to scrap them right away :(

    Basicly check what units they gave you to replace them.
    If none (what also happens) sent in a ticket and hope for the best but I don't think they'll realy do much to help ou since atm there are to many glitches going on.
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