LOL whats the range of snipers?400 on max right?

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Hi,today i was attacking someone and she gotted snipers in her bunkers,but the snipers outranged my hellfires? my hellfires are lvl 6 and have a range of 468, snipers should have a range of 400 when they are maxed,so my question is? how can the outrange them? also dont say a rogue have a 20% range boost -,- because this is not a this is a bug please fix sucks because a bunch of snipers can take out easily hellfires.. ps: fix ur lag bug..the game is freezing any time when you click on end attack.. o.O
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    Snipers on bunkers get boost range. Doesn't matter if u attacking player/rogue base.
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    Bergen is totally right.
    High level snippers, in bunkers, out range hellfires.
    No bug.
    It is in the game design.
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    Bunkers give a 37% range boost. Always.
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