Why i"m being suspended ??

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I logged into my Best game to get a message of being suspended due to I 'm a cheater o.O
and I'm NOT , I never cheat in war commander yes NEVER !!:mad:
THE TRUE IS I've many issues with my account and wired bugz and issues with my account that i've reported before using your tickets system :mad: :mad:

I also send a ticket to ask you WHY i'm suspended ?? :confused: for WHAT reason ??? is it because of the game has issues that affects many players like me !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a big fan of War Commander but I'm in deep hurt of what was happened o.O

My Name : Mohammed Eid
My Nick Name : Cyclone --->>> an american friend ( skitz ) at sector 162 name me so :(
My user ID (1562021)

Finally I'm sorry for the time i spend on war commander and then being banned for unknown reason
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