kixeye code fault?????????????????

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hi lets explain my account on facebook doe not load to my lv 21 base on sector 95 Your User ID is: 5478006 just loads and loads it not my pc end at all

because on my daughter facebook account started a new base in wc after 7 days transfered to sector 95 carnt view my old 2nd marine base base must have code gone wrong somewhere daughter account 82nd base works fine on same pc can you help??????????:worried:

kriegmarine on bp

82nd on wc on daughters ac

2nd marine on my facebook acc
  • Dan Jackson
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    Well for a starters this sounds a lot like multiple accounts.....and what is this "82nd malarky?"
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    i am trying to find out why i carnt access my wc acc on my facebook its clearly not my pc so created one on my daughters acc to get to the bottom why its not loading on mine thats all milarky some peolpe must learn to read!!!!!! my account on fb just loads and loads !!!! allright pissing me off why it works on daughters on same pc answer that one must acc code corrupted!!!!!!
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