Repairing Bug

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Something weird is going on with repair timer. I noticed my repair timers were getting reset on platoons when I disconnected and had to refresh the browser so I did the following test.

1) Platoon start with 45 min of repair time and I start repair on platoon.
2) Wait and do nothing to let game time out and display the Reconnect button.
3) After reconnecting I see the timer is down to 34 min which is accurate.
4) Wait 2 more min and see 32 min left, hit refresh on browser and check on platoon and timer is back to 45 min to complete.

Tried this with same result on Firefox and Chrome.

Hope you all didnt put your platoon repair timer client side... cause not only would that be stupid and prone to get hacked, but it would also cause these types of issues.
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