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Thought I would drop you line on the forum here to let you know some of the Good Points and Bad points of this new update. I love the new look and feel of the staging area and the other buildings, War Factory etc.. The idea of making platoons that can be saved and not have to remake them is Great! I do however miss the ability to be able to just pull a single unit out from the depot or base for quick scouting, Also have lost the ability to make multiple platoons from a batch of units stored inside the depot, I like keeping a few riflemen in the depots so I can have quick scouters across the map and not have to drive forever, this ability has been lost as now you can only store one platoon in a depot and can only remove the entire platoon, instead of just bringing out a rifleman or buggy. I Love the new idea of being able to repair units while they are in a depot, this makes it so much easier, since we don't have to return them all back to base, however do wish that the repair thing would work a little better, maybe giving the ability to repair all units/platoons one at a time, yet still move on to the next one in line when the first is finished. there is a lot of people not playing today, because of that issue. I still think the game is great just needs a little tweeking.

Also would like to add that some of the movements have been a little strange, have seen units/platoons walking forward then backtracking and walking forward again, might be a bug in there somewhere, maybe you can have a look at that.

Here are some of my ideas for future updates, take them for what ever they are worth bro,

1. Built-in Alliance Features - Obviously there are going to be alliances in the game, no one wants to play alone, so maybe you could look into making this a feature of the game and allow members to click on player to make them friends with in the game, a lot of people want to play and talk with people in the game but do not wish to have them on their facebook account, an option that would allow you to add a friend in the game and maybe even create alliance groups with separate chat options so these group of players can chat among themselves in private.

2. Weapons Upgrade - An addition of new weapons that can be added to any unit would make the game more interesting and probably even make you some extra cash, for example lets say a Gatlin gun that can be added to the top of any tank once it is unlocked, upgrade the heavy gunners with a new gun once it is unlocked, etc.. I think this would keep things interesting and would make each unit different, depending on what additional weapons you add to it.

Well there are a couple of things to think about bro, I do enjoy this a lot better then BYM, I would say it is definitely a home run DAVE..


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    I have to say I'm new to this game (still in a bubble lol) and new changes on top of new game can add to confusion. However, I have to say for the most part I LOVE the new platoon feature. I enjoy having my favorite platoons ready to go without having to remake and remake. I love being able to repair one quickly without worrying about a long line. I love being able to repair infantry instead of remaking it. My big gripe is the repair feature that does not allow you to repair troops when you are offline. If the game logs you off because you have been idle for 5 minutes, all repairs seem to stop. Don't know if this a bug that will be fixed, just me, or whatever....but can't sit here and click every 5 minutes JUST to keep my repairs going. Other than that...for a new player who is still learning, great stuff Kixeye :)
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    They will fix the issues the game is having, I am sure of it, and we will all be playing and loving the game again soon, good to have you on the game Elizabeth... keep playing..
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