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First let me say thank you for the update. The platoon management button is a great asset to players. What about the repairs? We have to click individual platoons to repair them. I am sure there is a reason for this, but for a player who can't make their life evolve around war commander why did the auto repair go away? Why not just auto repair one platoon after another? I mean many hrs. to repair 1 platoon is ok but taking away the auto cue for repairs means I have to return every time one platoon heals so I can heal another. It's good for the people who spend all day every day here but for the people who don't they can't go atk rogues or enemies because they still have 20 + hours of repairs. Please bring back the repair all button. Other than that great job kixeye.

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  • Ashley Consuela
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    I agree. It would take enormous amount of time to keep track on your repairs. Have a platoon repairing queue. that automatically repairs another platoon when one is done.
  • bmckeown1
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    Keep platoon management as is but bring back the auto cue for repairs. I can't always come back to queue up my next platoons repairs.
  • Ped Bunsongsikul
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    I agree. The current repair system does not work for me. The game is no longer playable for me. I am not able to log in 5-6 times a day to do my repairs. One work around is to move as many of my damaged troops to the base and repair there. But then that kinda defeats the purpose of the platoon management in the first place. Still seems to have a bug where repairs are not being done while offline.
  • Thomas William
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    Bring back the repair all button so we can play again!!!!
  • Joshua Lovely
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    I also agree, I left WC because of the new update on one repair, and not having auto repairs. I like the new system ;however, having to repair one unti at a time causing me to log in ever 4-5 hours is bull ship. I have a RL job I work 12 hrs a day monday-friday and I can't jump in game every 5 hours to repair a single platoon. Bring back the auto repair kxiaye, you got a lot of upset players because we don't make wc our life. I enjoy the update, only negative remark I have is no auto repair system.
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