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hi all. im planning to raid this rogue faction lvl28 base but i need some tips from any Master players out there of the best way in attcking with minimum casualties.

Heres what i have at disposal: (im on lvl21)
- Paladin lvl 2 - primary
- Razors lvl 5 - primary
- humvee lvl 2
- rhino lvl 2

- riflemen / heavy gunners - maxed out
- rocket launcer lvl 5
- flamethrower - lvl 4
- attack dog - lvl 1
- suicide bomber - lvl 4
- sniper - lvl 1

- elite warhawk - lvl 1 - PRIMARY
- thunders - lvl 4 - PRIMARY
- drones - lvl 5
- copter - lvl 1
- cobra - lvl 1

my main aim is the resources.

eastern hordes.jpg

eastern hordes 2.jpg

thanks in advance!
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    for starters, you'll get max range from your razors if you get them to level 6 as soon as possible. that will make things easier.

    as for this base, its a real common and easy one to kill.
    - attack from either side with your warhawks, and park them out of range of the turrets. drop in a few infantry to bait the nearest troops and tanks into the path of your warhawks. repeat this on opposite end of base.
    - once the tanks and foot troops are dead, plan a path from approximately the same spawn points, and use cheap infantry to minesweep a wide path to each of the turrets.
    - using your razorbacks, follow the same path you have already swept with infantry to attack each turret from max range.
    - eliminate the mortars as they are accessible from your warhawks without crossing into range of turrets.
    - if you are unsure of the exact range limit of a turret, set 'show dead infantry' option to ON and use cheap infantry to approach it until the turret kills it. the **** mess marks the limit.
    - fyi: while there are two partially obstructed mortar launchers behind the command center, there is NO turret there -- all turrets are plainly visible on this base
    - bunkers contain rocket launchers on this map, so eliminate them with aircraft
    - once troops and defenses are done, its a walk in the park (provided you minesweep everywhere your valuable ground units will travel)

    have fun
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