Staging and On Base counting issues

Andrew Kline
Andrew Kline
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There was a thread back on April 19 that was somewhat related but not 100% so rather than hijack his thread...

I'm having allocation issues in my on base and staging units.

According to the game I have 2600 on Base which makes me full. By my count I only have 2240 units on base. In my staging area the game thinks I have 14,490 out of 14,500 in my staging area. By my count I only have 7370 in my staging area currently.

If I move a platoon out on to the map and then go back to my staging area, the total does not adjust. I am locked in that I cannot move units from base to staging or staging to base and moving units to the map doesn't help.

Please help?
  • Tom Borland
    Tom Borland
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    Units on base include those in bunkers and units in the SA included those on the map AND in depots
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