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Me and a few of my FB friends are looking for a relatively empty or "Ghost town" sector to move to and set up shop. Anyone know of any sector(s) matching that description? If so, would you be willing to friend me on FB so we can relocate to you? (Since Kixeye won't let us choose the sector manually heh.)
  • Har1equin
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    Hi Jeremy.

    I had the same issue and relocated. Relatively quiet now where we are..
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  • Jeremy-Rio
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    Send me a PM with your facebook and which sector your in? I'll definitely transfer over and take a look. It would seriously be nice to have a nice quiet sector with a few deposits around to be claimed. The last 2 times I randomed, I ended up in the middle of a war between two alliances or on sectors where the only deposits left to claim were Giants lol.
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    it could take several attempts to find a sector thats a good fit for you. i've hopped around a little bit, and actually found that my first sector was a better match for me than i originally thought, so i keep going back. if you friend up with somebody here or spin the random wheel again, just keep at it and you'll eventually land somewhere thats a good fit -- have fun
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    Har1equin wrote: »
    Hi Jeremy.

    I had the same issue and relocated. Relatively quiet now where we are..

    also need a quite spot to learn and grow
  • stevemac
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    If you goto a quiet sector you will fall behind, so when your quiet sector is discovered by a nasty alliance, & they invade you'll be lacking in tactics & strategy. It'll be a slaughter. best toughing it out with the big boys then you'll be able to take what you want form the rest of the sector.
    i think you need to learn yourself, you dont get air support unless your attacking a base or refinery, so you reply isn't worth the brain matter you used to type it.

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