Mega tanks are OVER POWER because...

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Hi guys,
First, thanks for reading the reason. I'm currently being bullied by Eric(31) 199,157...and I understand it's 'war'. His strategy is
5 mega tanks at a time, other 5 mega tanks and finally 5 mega tanks then he gets my giant deposit control...for 4 times already.

His mega tanks are apparently at high level, at least higher than mine. So his strategy is very simple, but very effective cuz his mega tanks
overpower 6 lvl 10 Turrets + 6 lvl 10 Mortals + 18 lvl 5 mines put TOGETHER in a bunch, not around the factory. If you have high lvl mega tanks
try this simple strategy to see if this post is right.

I understand KIXEYE is working hard to complete the new update, but the game has become a joke once you have high lvl mega tanks.

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