Ghost Platoons

Ben Marcum
Ben Marcum
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Has anyone else seen doppelgangers of their platoons on the map?o.O Has the same name as an actual platoon you've deployed but you can't do anything with it because it's not really there.
  • Deemarie
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    Yup, just refresh the game and it fixes itself :)
  • LarsB
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    Clearing your cache will also fix it i think
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  • paulmh
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    Yep, just reload the game.
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  • Patgp
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    I have a doppelganger in my zone, another Patrick (31). So far I have never battled him, They say if you meet your doppleganger you die.
    It may explain why I haven't been attacked much, Everyone else probably thinks all the deposits are owned by the same player, one of those all conquering higher levels. In reality I am just a player of average skills.
    Maybe I should form a Patrick (31) alliance, hmmmmmmm.....................................
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