stupid question...

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just wondering what is the range on the laser tank and whether its worth upgrading to?
  • LarsB
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    Max range is 380, it's totally worth upgrading! It's one of the best units in the game!
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    LarsB wrote: »
    Max range is 380, it's totally worth upgrading! It's one of the best units in the game!
    Yep, totally agree. Does the job much faster than razorbacks.

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    First off, welcome to the WC Forums.

    Secondly, there are no stupid questions.

    Now that you have your answer, get back into the fight!!!
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    I had one on my base I had forgotten to put on standby and was surprised how much havoc it created on a rogue faction attack. It seems they have their place in defense as well. But for attacking they are awesome when accompanied by a minesweeper. I actually use a paladin for that role now you can have so many in the staging area. They render snipers in bunkers inneffective as minesweepers.
    Watch 3 or 4 laser tanks on a rampage and that will answer your question
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